Born in a family of restaurant owners in southern California it was inevitable to work in the family owned restaurants since the age of 13. From humble beginnings as a busboy on the weekends, making deliveries to local residents, fulfilling catering orders, to juggling to have a functioning website.

As the years went along it became more and more clear what crucial role technology plays in the restaurant industry. From POS systems, websites, SEO, Online Ordering, inventory systems, to social media management. It was mostly a struggle to find the right website wiz who would usually deliver half working solutions. The best inventions are made out of necessity, due to this it was clear to take initiative and help my restaurant people!

Just like in the restaurant there are dishwashers, servers, kitchen staff, and managers each of them fulfilling an important part of the whole operation. Same goes for the technology industry, a restaurant owner usually has a tech person who is expected to solve all matters of tech related issues in the restaurant leading to frustrations on both sides. A collaborative team is the solution, however finding the right people can be of a great challenge. That’s where we come in.


We are a dedicated team of experienced of restaurant owners, programmers, creative writers, designers and relationship builders who share the common love of food. Our goal is simple, to create solutions for restaurant customers which they love to use and save money for restaurant owners by building the types technologies which are right for their operation. From feature rich websites, online ordering, SEO and much more, we are a one stop solution.

As a tech solution company, our goal is to become a trusted partner for restaurants around the globe – by providing much needed solutions and services that assist restaurant owners to ever transforming consumers trends and technology.

We love our customers because we know our products and services help them focus on what they love most – love for food.