The crazy addictive Indian fried snack, Pakora. Pakora is essentially a seasoned and lightly battered protein or vegetable fried to an airy crisp golden brown, and served with a variety of fresh Indian chutneys. When prepared right, this delicious treat has the perfect balance of the savory protein and light crispy marinade, making for the ultimate appetizer. When were talking about crowd favorites, shrimp and chicken pakora take the spotlight which are commonly marinated in a chickpea batter, but there are really no limits to the variations of pakora. Vegetables, fish, paneer, all equally enticing and can be paired with just about any chutney you can imagine. The simplicity of the dish is what makes it so desirable, of course there are many ingredients and spices used when preparing each chutney and marinating your desired pakora dish. However, when it is plated and served, it’s a simple dip into the chutney and pop into your mouth and you’re hooked after the first bite. The saying “Less is more” has never so fittingly described a dish, with that being said it is one of the most popular Indian snacks you will come across, prepared amongst traditional Indian street vendors and in high end Indian cuisine alike.