Curryosity's Famous Curry Waffle Fries

Curryosity Curry Waffle Fries 

Generally speaking potatoes are famous all over the world. Potatoes are most likely one of the best eaten vegetables throughout the globe. There hasn’t been a day since its discovery a long time ago, that the potato hasn’t been munched on daily. Even if you try to imagine the quantity of potatoes in all of history, it is surely beyond the usual explanation by some semi known science expert comparing it to a number of football stadiums filled with potatoes. Human beings are the biggest fans of potatoes than any other species known in the universe, period. Now that we have established the importance of potatoes we can move on to describing Curry Waffle Fries. Wait maybe you are still not convinced by the importance of potatoes throughout history? Most likely, potatoes will be one of the first vegetables grown on Mars by humans after settling there, this tells us that potatoes have a first class center seat in space exploration.

Curryoisty’s Curry Waffle Fries are surprisingly one of the top 5 appetizers at Curryosity on Juniper in South Park. These munchies are golden crisp on the outside yet soft inside, drizzled with creamy masala sauce on top. Without the Masala Sauce Curry Waffle Fries probably wouldn’t have gained so much popularity! The spices in the sauce bring out the added seasonings and delicious flavors for your friends and family to enjoy. Next time you visit or get take, don’t forget to add an order of Curry Waffle Fries.