Gourmet India Catering Packages


Gourmet India Lunch Feasts are the most ordered catering packages. Our guests love to have the options to try different appetizers, entrees, and sides. Since it’s a buffet setup everyone has the freedom to choose particular food items they like. Each feast can be customized towards a groups special diet, your group may have 50% vegetarian, no problem we will portion it perfectly so everyone have something to choose from. A Gluten Free diet is another big factor for a lot of guests, which we satisfy without any issues, since only the naan bread and samosa have gluten. Instead of naan bread guests can substitute it with Lentil Papadams and samosas for aloo tikki.

Our sophisticated online ordering system will guide you through the process of ordering the best dishes for your friends and family. Starting at the top you first decide on your per person budget, starting at $12 per person. Next up it’s time to decide on your favorite favorite appetizer samosa or aloo tikki, from there you can pick a chicken curry entree and a vegetarian entree. All feasts are served with freshly in house baked naan breads, fresh chutneys, mango, mint, tamarind, and spicy. As well as fluffy basmati rice. Not to forget the dessert for sweet endings.

Our Most popular Feast is the three entree feast! It’s served with your choice appetizer, samosas or aloo tikki. A chicken entree, the most popular choice is the ever great chicken tikka masala, a vegetarian entree, the saag paneer is  fresh chopped pureed spinach with homemade diced cheese. The Lamb Kebab is usually the number one go to entree for bbq style. The three served together side by side create a delicious feast!

Give our feast a try for your next get together. From a simple office meeting to an elaborate event we are here to make your get together a great success. You can order a feast for a small group as 10 guests.