Online Ordering


The amount of people ordering online is at an alltime high. By ensuring there is a quick and easy way for your customers to access all of your online services, from basic menu options to catering orders is essential in creating a more profitable business structure. Creating your online site through Yum2Go allows your customers to easily place orders according to their desired date and time. You are easily able to send real-time notifications, providing your customers with the ability to conveniently access the status of their order. We provide continuous updates and loyalty rewards to allow for maximum returning customer satisfaction, and promotion of new clientele.


The success of your business starts and ends with you. Our goal is to offer you a simple, cost-effective way for you to highlight and access your restaurant online. Signing up for Yum2Go gives you the ability to cut out the third party, allowing you to save money and focus on the growth of your business. You are also easily able to manage your online orders via email, fax or SMS, and will receive free updates as we continue to add new features.

Yum2Go allows a quick and easy way to take your restaurant’s online status and availability to the next level at a low rate and we are confident you will see the results.

Signing up requires No fees, No contracts, Zero commitment & costs just $1.50 per day.