Restaurant Website must have Features

There are primary features that customers look for when they reach a restaurant’s website. Although they are very basic, they are predominant factors in whether or not the customer will give you their business.

These features include:


Text placement

Location of contact information

Listings of private/special events.

Reservation functionality

All of these features should be represented by eye pleasing esthetics, simplistic design and effortless accessibility.


Menus are without a doubt the most important aspect of a restaurant’s website. Not only are your food and beverage menus the #1 most viewed section of your website, but the way they are formatted can be the actual deciding factor on whether or not potential customers choose to dine with you. Your menu deserves its own detail oriented page catering to you restaurant’s individuality while keeping text bold and simple so it is easy to navigate through.


Making sure that that your restaurant’s primary means of contact and location, i.e telephone number(s), address(s), and hours of operation are located in a prominent spot on your website is an important factor. No matter which page the customer is currently visiting, this information should remain in an easily accessible spot on the page. This way, at first glance the customer is able to contact and/or quickly find your location aside from having a page dedicated to all your restaurants basic information.


Aside from anchoring your business’s core contact information in a prominent spot on each page of your website, you should also include a separate content page focused on it. This is the page where you can include all of your restaurant’s contact information.

Telephone number(s)



Other social media accounts

Links to your other businesses

Inquiry forms for guests to fill out with any questions or comments


Whether your restaurant offers private event options, hosts recurring events or arranges activities such as holiday specials; including a page dedicated to highlighting these options is a great way to promote different ways in which guests can engage with your business. Your website is an essential tool for generating revenue upfront for these specific offers.


Integrating an online reservation system is the best way to book guests directly from your website. This is also a service that should be highlighted on your contact information page as well as anchored on each page of your site. It’s important to assure that no matter which page your guest is currently viewing, your reservation system can be seamlessly integrated so “sealing the deal” is always at their fingertips.